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Call for Papers
Second Conference on Security
in Communication Networks
September 16--17, 1999, Amalfi, Italy

General Information:
Security and privacy are increasing concerns in computer networks like the Internet. The availability of fast, reliable, and cheap electronic communication offers the opportunity to perform electronically and in a distributed way a wide range of transactions of the most diverse nature. The problem of security, privacy and integrity of information is of dramatic importance in transactions of commercial and financial nature.

The Second Conference Security in Communication Networks (SCN '99) will be held in Amalfi (Italy) on September 16--17, 1999. SCN '99 aims at bringing together researchers in the field of data security to foster cooperation and exchange of ideas.

Papers are solicited on all technical aspects of data security including:

Anonymity Identification
Authentication Implementations
Block Ciphers Key Distribution
Computer Security Privacy
Cryptanalysis Protocols
Hash Functions Public Key
Digital Signatures Secret Sharing
Electronic Money Standards
Foundations and Theory Survey and state of the art

Instructions for Authors:

Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their papers electronically (Postscript file). Electronic submissions must conform to this procedure in order to be considered. Authors unable to submit electronically are invited to send a cover letter and 14 copies of an extended abstract to the Program Chair at the address given below. Submission must be received by the Program Chair on or before June 1, 1999. The program committee will also consider papers that are currently submitted to other conferences as well as reports on ongoing research. The extended abstract should start with the title and an abstract and should state whether the paper is currently submitted to a conference and the name of the conference. The abstract should be followed by a succinct statement appropriate for a non-specialist reader specifying the subject addressed, its background, the main achievements, and their significance to data security. Submissions are limited to 12 single-spaced pages of 12pt type. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent to authors no later than July 1, 1999.

Conference Proceedings:

There will be no conference proceedings but a booklet of extended abstracts will be distributed to the participants and made available through the WWW. We are currently negotiating to have a special issue of an international journal devoted to selected papers from the conference.

Important Dates:
Submission: June 1, 1999. (Extended Deadline)
Acceptance: July 1, 1999.
Conference: September 16-17, 1999.
Program Chair:
Giuseppe Persiano
Dip. di Informatica ed Appl.
Università di Salerno
84081 Baronissi (Salerno), ITALY
phone (+39)-089-965.241
FAX: (+39)-089-965.272
General Chairs:
C. Blundo and A. De Santis
Dip. di Informatica ed Appl.
Universita' di Salerno
84081 Baronissi (Salerno), ITALY
phone (+39)-089-965.403
Program Committee:
Carlo Blundo (Università di Salerno, Italy)
Dan Boneh (Stanford University, USA)
Johannes Buchmann (T. U. of Darmstadt, Germany)
Benny Chor (Technion, Israel)
Rosario Gennaro (IBM, T.J. Watson, USA)
Rafael Hirschfeld (Unipay Technologies, The Netherlands)
Jim Massey (Lund University, Sweden)
Ueli Maurer (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
Rafail Ostrovsky (Bellcore, USA)
Giuseppe Persiano (Chair) (Università di Salerno, Italy)
Doug Stinson (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Gene Tsudik (U. of Southern California, USA)
Moti Yung (CertCo, USA)
Local Organizing Committee:
Vincenzo Auletta (Chair)
Paolo D'Arco
Clemente Galdi
Barbara Masucci
Publicity Chairs:
C. Galdi and V. Scarano
e-mail:{clegal, vitsca}
phone (+39)-089-965.264

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