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How to reach Amalfi

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By car. Coming from Roma or Napoli, the easiest way is to take the exit "Vietri sul Mare" on the highway A3 from Napoli to Salerno and then take the route "163 Amalfitana" by following the yellow signs "Costiera Amalfitana". Amalfi is about 18km far from the "Vietri sul Mare" exit.

From Napoli. To reach Amalfi from Napoli you can either take a bus or take an hydrofoil. The bus service to Amalfi is provided by SITA the most convenient bus stop is near the train station in via Ferraris (INPS building). The hydrofoil service to Amalfi is provided by "Navigazione Libera del Golfo" and leaves from Molo Beverello (you need a taxi to get there from the airport).

From Salerno. To reach Amalfi from the train station in Salerno you can either take a bus (bus service to Amalfi is provided by SITA) or take a ferryboat from the nearby Piazza della Concordia (see the map.)

How to reach Salerno

From Napoli
The nearest airport to Salerno is Capodichino in Napoli. From Capodichino to the train station in Napoli you can take ATAN bus number 14 (it stops outside the international departures). The ticket costs less than 1 Euro. The trip duration is about 30 minutes. From the last stop of the bus 14 to the train station you have to walk for 5 minutes, whereas to reach the SITA stop you have to walk for 10 minutes.

The SITA bus from Napoli (the stop is near the train station in via Ferraris, INPS building) to Salerno takes about one hour, costs 2.74 Euro, and the timetable for Mon-Sat is:

while for Sunday:
* It runs only in the working days (Mon-Sat)

^ It runs only in the working days (Mon-Fri)

You can buy the ticket which has to be clipped on the bus at:
1) Tabacchi Green, Piazza Garibaldi, 86
2) Bar-Ristorante Ettore, Piazza Garibaldi, 95/98

You can also go directly to Amalfi from Napoli, see above.
Salerno can be reached also by train. The train schedule from Napoli to Salerno is the following:

Napoli  (Departure)   7:20  8:09  8:15  8:21  9:20 10:12 11:20 12:05 13:20
Salerno (Arrival)     8:13  8:47  9:10  9:05 10:10 10:53 12:10 12:50 14:10

Napoli  (Departure)   13:42 14:10 14:20 15:00 15:20 16:50 17:22 17:52    
Salerno (Arrival)     14:17 14:58 15:10 15:55 16:10 17:31 17:54 18:32

Napoli  (Departure)  18:12 18:18 18:42 19:20 20:07 20:54 21:22 22:42
Salerno (Arrival)    18:49 19:06 19:31 20:10 20:43 21:44 22:10 23:18

From Rome
If you arrive at Fiumicino (Rome airport), then you can reach Salerno only by train. You have to go from Fiumicino to Roma Termini where you can take a train to Salerno.

From Fiumicino (Rome airport) to the train station Roma Termini. The trip duration is about 30 minutes and the ticket costs about 10 Euro..
Timetable from Fiumicino (Rome airport) to Roma Termini.

There is a ticket counter in the train station at Fiumicino where you can buy the ticket to Salerno (in this way you will skip a long line at Roma Termini). Actually, you will receive two tickets one has to be used from Fiumicino to Roma Termini, while the other from Roma Termini to Salerno. Before to get into the train the tickets (one at Fiumicino, the other at Roma Termini) must be clipped in one of the machines at the beginning of the train's track.

The train schedule from Roma Termini to Salerno is the following (to have the complete timetable look at Italian Railway Site) :

Roma Termini (Departure)   6:45(ES) 07:27(ES) 07:45     09:45(ES) 11:45 
Salerno      (Arrival)     9:10     10:09     10:16     12:16     14:16 

Roma Termini (Departure)  13:27     13:45(ES) 15:45(ES) 17:45(ES) 18:00      
Salerno      (Arrival)    16:09     16:16     18:16     20:16     21:29     

Roma Termini (Departure)  18:45(ES) 19:45(ES) 20:27 
Salerno      (Arrival)    21:20     22:26     23:23 
ES: EuroStar Train, fast train for which a special ticket is needed.

Each of the above trains stops in Napoli. You could choose to take the SITA bus from Napoli to Amalfi (see above), but usually you will not save time.
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