Information for Paper Submission

Authors are invited to submit electronically one copy of their extended abstract (Postscript file), not exceeding twelve pages, following the instructions given below. In case electronic submission is not possible, the authors should submit 15 copies of their extended abstract by snail-mail to the address given below. The abstract should clearly indicate the result achieved, their significance, and their relation to other work in the area.

The Conference Proceedings will be published by World Scientific (Singapore)

Please, follow these instructions to submit your paper.

  1. Fill in the form with information about the paper. Fields like the title of the paper, the authors'names, name and e-mail of the contact author are mandatory.
    Please, check that the e-mail address of the contact author is correct: it will be used for acknowledgment messages.
  2. When you submit the paper, the system will give you a reference number (to be used in any further communications).
    The system will also give you a message like:
    download now your paper via anonymous FTP on in directory "submissions" with name
    where xx is the reference number and number yyyyy is an arbitrary number.
  3. Transfer your file via anonymous ftp to as follows:
    1. Type on your system
      (or open an FTP session from your system to
    2. In response to
      type anonymous
    3. In response to
      type your e-mail address.
    4. Type
       cd submissions
    5. Assuming your Postscript file on your local system is called "", type
      where is the name given you from the the system at step 1.
      Warning: you cannot execute the command "ls" or "dir" on the directory submissions.

For comments or suggestions please write to